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Talking about SportPunters.ro historylike talking about my betting history. I could say that i was starting to bet in 2001 but the years coming after were those were i earned experience and i made the move from offline to online betting.Not at all once but slowly the stakes placed online were higher than to at our local betting offices.From 2004 i just started to be involved online as tipster, sport writer at some of most known betting websites and forums. I was glad to be one from first romanian punters to win some monthly contests at Betshoot.com , in fact probable one of the websites were i was much active and the place that helped me to make my punter name known in Europe as a good local tipster (i had there a personnal record of over 200 profit units). Years after that, i was involved and worked for some private betting groups, many from them still active yet on the market and finnaly, in 2007 i had the chance to meet a webdesigner that helped me to put in practice a wish and an ideea. At the beginning, i was running this website with a good forum and a free tipping competition till at the middle of 2008, when i have decided to start my own tipping service and to leave behind other investment opportunities. During his paid life , SportPunters provided not just local tips but also covered more european leagues .I have even tried to involve with me some other local experts but looks like is hard to keep a strictly control on what is happening, to deal with some other punters losing streak, so at the end and following one from my older subscribers from my list ( not the only from the guys , signing each start of the season for the service , for the season number 4 now in row) advice i just skipped to release international tips and i was concentrated only on Romanian Sports . During this past seasons i had eyes and have seen how our soccer has evolved, from a couple of foreign players on first league to close to 80% now...just an example not to say that at the beginning the limits and offer for first league was very limited comparing with what we have now.From 1-2 european bookies that had only 1x2 market to live games from the third league and from 50 euros limits to 20000....now in asian market. I will expose below few reasons why i think that any serious investor should use this service :

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